Does Citric Acid Contain Vitamin C?

Citric AcidCitric acid and Vitamin C both occur naturally in citrus fruits, but there is no vitamin C in citric acid. They are not the same thing. Citric acid is responsible for the tart and sour taste of lemons, and to a lesser extent other citrus fruits and some berries. It is used as a flavoring in many preparations of Vitamin C supplements.

Both ascorbic acid and citric acid are used extensively as food additives because they are very cheap to manufacture artificially. Citric acid is used in fruit-flavored candy, soft drinks, ice cream, and many other products.

Citric acid is manufactured artificially through the use of Aspergillus Niger, a mold that feeds on cheap corn syrup glucose. It is important to remember that if you see “citric acid” as an ingredient in a supplement, most likely it was produced artificially and therefore did not come from citrus fruit at all. Even if it did, it would be “fractionated” meaning it was isolated and separated from the whole food.

Is Citric Acid Bad?

No, of course not. As already stated, it naturally occurs in fruits and vegetables. We just prefer to consume our citric acid from raw fruits and vegetables and whole food supplements, thank you very much!