The Taste Bud Factor

Kids and VitaminsWe hear it all the time. How do I get my child to take their supplements and vitamins? They can’t or won’t swallow the pills! They don’t like the taste! Well, it certainly is a dilemma for those parents who realize that an “ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” when it comes to their child’s health.

We here at Fun Smart Nutrition don’t like swallowing things that taste horrible either (even if they are healthy for us!) so why should we expect kids to? We believe nutrition can be delicious thereby making it … well…. more fun!

While children may never actually enjoy eating spinach, we have formulated a Vitamin C that time and time again has passed the taste test of kids. Real C is very sweet to the palate and your child may actually ask for more! Imagine that, your child asking for another dose of a healthy supplement!

As 11 year old Alannah said, “This is the best tasting, good for you stuff we ever had!” We couldn’t have said it better.

“C’s the day!”

We believe that a healthy child is a happier child. So why not give your kids a teaspoon of Real C in the morning before they go off to school? Are they coming down with a bit of a cold? Give their little immune systems a boost. Some parents report that they do not even have to remind their child to take Real C!

Real C helps your child heal from cuts and scrapes, develop strong bones and teeth, build resistance to infections, and much more. Now that’s sweet…Real C sweet!

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Taste Test. Kids Speak Out.