The Buzz

Adult Testimonials

The Buzz“Gabi and Jaden our grandchildren (13 month girl and 11 month boy) usually like to give each other a kiss when they see each other. But today Gabi had Real C on her lips when they gave each other a kiss so Jaden went for the French kiss trying to get more of the Real C.” -Michael W., a proud grandpa from Kentucky
“My kids say it taste like candy! It’s one of the few supplements that my kids ask me for! When the kids and I feel a cold or cough coming on we down some extra Real C and it kicks it in the butt! If I need a “sweet fix” it does the trick!” -Amber W., mom of 3 kids from Wisconsin
“I have tried several “whole food” products in the past and up until now have not found any that I was truly excited about. The fact that you’re getting a huge amount of Vitamin C in such a small serving is fantastic but what I really hang my hat on is the flavor. It has a sweet and sour combination that is extremely appealing. I wouldn’t recommend any Vitamin C supplement to my patients other than Real C.” -Dr. Vincent Lorio
“I have been using Real C now for almost a year. It definitely boosts my immune system and after researching vitamins, I’ve found that the powder form is best.. It tastes great. Real C is the best!” – Douglas B. from Green Bay, Wisconsin

Testimonials from Kids

“I like it that Real C comes from fresh cherries and oranges!” -Carlie, age 5 from Wisconsin
Bee“Weel C! Weel C! Weel C!” (in the morning when her Mom gets the Real C bottle out) -Shonda, age 2 from Wisconsin
“I love Real C! It tastes super good!” -Emma, age 7 from Wisconsin
“The first time I tried Real C I was scared because of how bad other healthy stuff tastes. After having some, I was really surprised and excited about how good the flavor was! I liked it a lot and I still do. I especially liked it in the little tubes.” -Alannah, age 11
Bee“If no one had told me that what I was having was Real C, I would have guessed that I was having a pixie stick. It tasted really good and I enjoy having it.” Arianna, age 13